The Psoriasis Diet Day 4

Plaque psoriasis not healing in this weather

Well.  Well, well, well.  Things are going well. Sort of.  Sadly, today looked like this:

Plaque psoriasis not healing in this weather
Today looked like this, so first Tai Chi class was cancelled

So, Tai Chi was cancelled.  Sad face.  But it’s alright!  I’ve been (mostly) sticking to the diet!  I have yet to really cull out coffee from my day, so… that’s not great.  But starting next week I’ll stop drinking coffee every day, and the week after that, I should be off the black stuff.

As far as what I’ve been eating, it’s been a lot of beans (which I cook from dry in my pressure cooker, the wonderful Instant Pot aka best pressure cooker ever).  I made a chickpea and cauliflower curry, and then made a pinto bean chili (both of which I ate with basmati rice… although in the future I’m probably going to start going back to straight brown rice, it worked best for me as a grain).  The real star was what I made tonight, which was a soba noodle dish from  Well, technically it was supposed to be udon noodles, but I had soba.  I also used spinach instead of kale, and added some thinly sliced mushrooms, because I be straight up kray like dat:

soba surprise
psoriasis diet dinner spinach soba noodles and mushrooms

Previously I tried to stay away from really rich foods, and this seems to qualify I think so I probably won’t eat it much, but it was *amazing*.   The other thing that I notice as I’m on this diet is over time I start to get rather sensitive to food.  When it affects my psoriasis I know it, and right now my psoriasis sense is tingling.  By which I mean, the psoriasis plaques feel hot.  That’s usually not a good sign, and the other reason that I won’t make this again.

The sad part is that there are a lot of things that affect me like that.  Really only eating plain rice and vegetables straight up *works*.  I feel like my body just punishes me if I stray to much.  *sigh*  Well, luckily things are looking up since I just went to the grocery store and loaded up on veggies, fruits, and unrefined grains.  Huzzah.  I’m soaking green lentils tonight to make my favorite lentil crepes tomorrow.

On the morrow then.

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