The Psoriasis Diet Day One

It's kind of like a continent

We’ve finally come to it.  I’m actually committing to the diet now, I’ve eaten most of the bad things in the house (although they will never truly be completely gone while I have other people living here).

So here is the deal.  I’m doing a mostly vegetarian/vegan diet.  I also have the restrictions that I’m not going to be eating/drinking dairy, most fats/oils, most meat, limiting/eliminating coffee and caffeine and all soft drinks, lowering alcohol intake (I’ll probably never stop from having a few drinks on occasion), most heavily processed foods, and nightshades like Tomatoes/potatoes/peppers.  As far as I’ve been able to tell, sugars don’t seem to affect psoriasis, so at least I can still sweeten things if need be.

ALL of these things are stuff that I love dearly, which is why I find the diet pretty difficult to stick to.  However, the rest of the stuff I can pretty much eat with abandon like all fresh fruits and vegetables, beans and lentils, and corn.

I’ve especially found things like fatty cuts of meats, fried things, and dairy to exacerbate my symptoms.  Lots of drinking does that as well.  The last time I did this diet I found that meditation and working out a lot helped distract me from being hungry and just generally increased my mood.  Oddly enough, for me anyway, when I get extremely happy my symptoms tend to reduce quite a lot.  Once upon a time I fell in love, and I’ve never seen my psoriasis disappear faster, even though I did no other therapy, or change my diet in the slightest.  So I find that mood is a significant factor in my psoriatic symptoms.  To further those goals I’m going to be working out on a rowing machine at least three times a week, and I’m going to a free class in Tai Chi this weekend (1-7-2017) to see if that would be a good course for me to take. I’m going to start doing Tai Chi regardless, but taking a class would be cool and motivating.

Another odd thing that I’ve found is that I don’t really experience “flare ups”, or times where my psoriasis suddenly becomes much worse and starts growing very quickly.  For me it is a steady progression, just slowly taking over my body, like some kind of terrible glacier of sadness.  So that’s fun.  But there certainly are times where my psoriasis becomes extremely painful for me.  I normally associate this with large amounts of animal proteins and fats.  Which are delicious.  *sigh*

Now when I reach for a bag of chips I’m going to have to start stuffing carrots in my mouth.  But this is all for the betterment of science!  I’m excited for some future posts where I start talking about my genome and gut microbiome, I think some people on the internet might find it interesting!  I took some pictures today, but the lighting wasn’t great, so I might try taking some additional photos tomorrow when I can get some daylight.

Today I ate: Basmati rice for lunch with some salt and pepper, then a chickpea curry with cauliflower and basmati rice for dinner.  I also ate some chocolate (which was bad, but left over from christmas celebrations) and drank Sleepytime Tea from Celestial Seasonings with no sweetener, which was good.

DateWeight (lbs)BMIBMI(2.5)Waist (inches)Hip (inches)PASI

Ugh, I’m technically obese.  Great.

Workout: 10 mins on the rower

Until I get some better pictures here’s a little flavor to see what we are dealing with:

It's kind of like a continent
Thar she blows
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