What is the Psoriasis Area Severity Index

Tomorrow I plan on writing a post going into more detail about the diet, but today I wanted to write a quick blurb about another metric I’m going to be tracking, which is the Psoriasis Area Severity Index, or PASI.

There is a pretty basic question that comes up when it comes to psoriasis, i.e. “How bad is it?” or perhaps a little more officially, “How severe are your symptoms?”  This was a question I wanted an answer to myself, so I did some digging.  It turns out back in 1978 (according to the paper referenced by the websites I’ll be linking too shortly) researchers created a scoring metric to track exactly that question.  Full disclosure, I haven’t read the paper, mostly because it isn’t available in online form at Pubmed a.k.a. where I get all my scientific papers from, so I can’t really talk very knowledgeably about the origins.  It appears to have been developed so they could measure how well a retinoid treatment they were testing performed on psoriatic patients.

Apparently this has gained a fair amount of support from the research community, because there is (at least one) PASI calculator available to get your own score right from your very own little computer!

Now, you might get to this website and see that it has 4 different sections: Head, Arms, Trunk, and Legs.  Then you might see that each section of your body has a percentage measurement of how much of that area is covered (pretty self explanatory) and three different scores ranging from 0-4 for “Redness, Thickness, and Scaling”.  At this point you might wonder (as I did) how in the world do you rate that?  Never fear!  There is another site which details with great pictures just how you would rate each criteria.

So there you have it, another piece to this puzzle I’m creating.  Now I have a metric which I can use to measure just how my symptoms change as I do the diet.  Currently I’m rocking a PASI score of 27.9.  Which seems not great.  If you have no symptoms on your arms and legs, and have 30-49% coverage of head and trunk at a severity of 1 for all criteria your PASI is 3.6

If you have psoriasis check it out, it looks like it was developed to help patients communicate better with their physicians, so that might be really helpful for you!

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