Getting Started – My Plan To Heal Psoriasis With Diet

Ok, so I got a little sidetracked there with life.  There were a few things I wanted to accomplish first which just didn’t happen for quite some time and by then I had sort of run out of steam.  However, I’m back on track!  So starting this month, I’m going to be changing my diet, AND starting to work out more, just because I’m not happy with where I am in my life and my relative health.  Check out the About Me section to get some additional background on myself.  Basically, I have plaque psoriasis, and I’ve had it for a couple of decades now.  In my late 20s I did a diet which reduced the symptoms I had quite a bit.  Being older, but not much wiser, I’ve decided to get back on the horse and commit to doing it again.

The whole reason for this blog is to track how my plaque psoriasis does as I change what it is that I eat.  In the past I’ve found that 1) eating less and 2) eating differently had significant changes to my symptoms.

One of the more challenging aspects of psoriasis is it affects different people in different ways (both the symptoms AND the treatments differ between people).  But worry not!  See how this blog is SCIENTIST with psoriasis?  Yeah.  I’m a scientist.  I mean, in an official capacity I’m a kind of different sort of scientist than what I’m tackling with this blog, but heck.  Science it’s all the same right?  NO!  Wait, I mean yes.  Basically.

As everyone who has had psoriasis for some time knows, any given treatment may, or may not work for you.  And even if it does work, it might not continue to work.  This is a huge bummer.  And it also means that I don’t know if following a similar diet would work for you.  I might try it, with the blessing of your physician of course, since diet is one of those things that you have the power to change on your own.  No need for prescriptions or anything special.

The main highlights here are that I’m going to track what my diet is, AND, do some other fun stuff.  For example the “things” I mentioned earlier that I wanted to do were different personal health metrics.  Specifically I wanted to do 23andme and ubiome sequencing.

Why, do you ask?  Well I’ll tell you. First, 23andme was the cheapest way for me to get information on my own genome.  I have a whole blog post I’m going to do on that, so never fear: you WILL get a boat load of information as to why I would want to do something like that.  And secondly, ubiome (which is a ‘clever’ way of saying “microbiome”) is a way that you can measure your own bacteria types in your guts.  Since I’m going to do this experiment on myself, I wanted some baseline data.  We are going to see just how these changes in my life are going to affect the little dudes that live in my gut.  I’m suspicious that the composition will change because … well different bacteria eat different things.  If something in their environment (mah belly) change, it’s quite possible that different bacteria will begin to dominate, I might get some new bacteria, and I might even lose some other ones.  Hypothesis: the composition of the bacteria in my gut is related to the severity of my psoriatic symptoms.

So those are kind of the “bird’s eye view” measurements I’m doing.  The plan is to then also measure the gut bacteria after being on the diet for some time (I’m planning a month into it, and then 2 months and possibly more, depending on how things go).  My genome isn’t going to change, so one measurement of that is fine.

I’ll also be tracking things like my weight, BMI, mood and of course statistics on my psoriasis.  In my next post I’ll start sharing these embarrassing statistics for all the world to see.  Luckily, currently, I don’t think anyone actually reads this blog, because I haven’t really done anything with it in a year, so at least initially my overweightness and general unhealthiness will be fairly unknown.  But, this is SCIENCE people, and I’m sure many famous people will want to talk to me about my brilliant analysis.  Until that point I’m doing this for myself, and this blog is going to help me stay motivated, gall durn it.

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